Biomedical Equipment Technician

Bio Medical Equipment Technician students get practical experience working on a wide range of equipment from the NSI partner network.

Keeping medical technology working


National Need

  • 30 – 50% of medical equipment in Nepal's government system is not fully functioning.
  • Medical Technology Act (2004) established Nepal's national policy.
  • Still no government biomedical system exists.


  • Three courses:
    • BMET: 1-year for college grads
    • BMEAT: 2-months for support staff
    • Short: 2-weeks for lab, xray techs
  • Classroom combined with workshop supplied by hospitals in network.


  • BMET 97 grads, BMEAT 124 grads
  • More than 95% of graduates find employment in hospitals and with equipment suppliers


Email  Contact for course curriculum or training facilitation.