Each year, NSI and the government’s Department of Health Services organize a conference for health care workers from all over Nepal.

Nurses, doctors, paramedics, and administrators come from all regions of the country; usually 50 of Nepal’s 75 districts are represented. They come together for three days with the objectives of
  • Creation of a network of health care workers, who share common challenges and joys
  • Continuing medical education
  • Forum for exchange between government and rural workers

In order to attend the conference, a worker must submit a case story from their experience in their rural institution.  Workers then share their stories in small groups with the best stories presented in plenary sessions in front of government workers.

Government workers have identified a number of clinical areas of importance to their work. NSI works with consultants to develop short CME sessions tailor-made to these expressed needs.  These include primary eye care, trauma assessment, orthopedic casting, and delivery refresher.

The Annual Conference provides a forum for the Ministry of Health and Population to meet representative employees from across Nepal.  Workers express their problems and government responds and gives information about emerging programs.

Glimpse of the conference.