A Board of 9 distinguished local professionals governs the Nick Simons Institute. The Board Chair is Dr. Bhekh B. Thapa, former Nepal Ambassador to the U.S. and India, and Finance Minister.

Bhekh B Thapa

Buddha Basnyat
Physician-teacher and researcher of
Nepal International Clinic and Patan Hospital


Keshab B Mathema
Lawyer, formerly on Nepal's Supreme Court
and in senior positions with UNICEF

Kunda Dixit
Editor and founder of Nepali Times

Kundu Yangsom
ObGyne Specialist, Norvic Hospital

Olak Jirel
Hospital Services Director,
United Mission to Nepal.

Prabhakar S J B Rana
Chairman Emeritus of Soaltee Hotel; one
of Nepal's pioneers in tourism and development

Sheela Verma
Senior Consultant, ObGyne Specialist
Nepal Cancer Hospital

Vidyadhar Mallik
Former Minister for Health & Population, &
Federal Affairs and Local Development

Anil Bahadur Shrestha
Executive Director of NSI