Mid-Term Assessment

In 2010, NSI conducted an assessment of its RSSP program as a first step in revising the program for Phase 2 expansion.

The Rural Staff Support Program began in 2007 in the three districts of Dolakha, Gulmi, and Bajhang. After three years, due to the lag-time in MDGP graduation, the program had only become fully functional in Gulmi and partially in Dolakha.

Nevertheless, in order to transition to the next phase of work, in 2010 NSI facilitated a combined external/internal evaluation of the program. The full report can be found at:

RSSP Mid-term Assessment (2010)

The assessment summary was:

  • Hosptial utilization increased compared to hospital in neighboring districts.
  • Utilization mainly increased where MDGPs doctors were working.
  • Local communities most appreciated the inputs of commmunication, capital items, and MDGP doctors.