Day - 1

Glimpses of the 10th Rural Healthcare Workers Conference

Day - 1

Reg_01   Reg_02   Reg_03
Reg_04   Reg_05   Reg_06
Reg_07   Reg_08   Reg_09
Reg_10   Reg_11   Reg_12
Reg_13   Reg_14   Reg_15

Welcoming Participants

Welcome_01   Welcome_02   Welcome_03

Placing Tika on Map

Tika_01   Tika_02   Tika_03
Tika_06   Tika_07   Tika_08
Tika_09   Tika_10   Tika_12
Tika_13   Tika_14   Tika_16
Tika_04   Tika_05   Tika_11
Tika_15   Tika_17    

Top 5 Case Story Presentation

CaseStory_01   CaseStory_02   CaseStory_03
CaseStory_04   CaseStory_05    

Thematic Discussion

Thematic Discussion_01   Thematic Discussion_02   Thematic Discussion_03
Thematic Discussion_04   Thematic Discussion_05   Thematic Discussion_06
Thematic Discussion_07   Thematic Discussion_08   Thematic Discussion_09
Thematic Discussion_10   Thematic Discussion_14  

Thematic Discussion_12

Thematic Discussion_15   Thematic Discussion_16   Thematic Discussion_17
Thematic Discussion_18   Thematic Discussion_19   Thematic Discussion_20

Thematic Presentation

Them Presentation & Discussion_01   Them Presentation & Discussion_02   Them Presentation & Discussion_03
Them Presentation & Discussion_04   Them Presentation & Discussion_05   Them Presentation & Discussion_06
Them Presentation & Discussion_07   Them Presentation & Discussion_08   Them Presentation & Discussion_09
Them Presentation & Discussion_10   Them Presentation & Discussion_11   Them Presentation & Discussion_12
Them Presentation & Discussion_13   Them Presentation & Discussion_14   Them Presentation & Discussion_15
Them Presentation & Discussion_16   Them Presentation & Discussion_17   Them Presentation & Discussion_18
Them Presentation & Discussion_19   Them Presentation & Discussion_20   Them Presentation & Discussion_21

Inauguration Ceremony

Inauguration_01   Inauguration_02   Inauguration_03
Inauguration_04   Inauguration_05   Inauguration_06
Inauguration_07   Inauguration_08   Inauguration_09
Inauguration_10   Inauguration_11   Inauguration_12
Inauguration_13   Inauguration_14   Inauguration_15
Inauguration_16   Inauguration_17   Inauguration_18
Inauguration_19   Inauguration_20   Inauguration_21

Presentation of NS Award

NS Award_01   NS Award_02   NS Award_03
NS Award_04   NS Award_05   NS Award_06
NS Award_07   NS Award_08   NS Award_09
NS Award_10   NS Award_11   NS Award_12
NS Award_13   NS Award_14   NS Award_15
NS Award_16   NS Award_17   NS Award_18
NS Award_19   NS Award_20   NS Award_21
NS Award_22   NS Award_23    

NSI's Staff Completing 10th Year

NSI Staff_01   NSI Staff_02   NSI Staff_03
NSI Staff_04   NSI Staff_05   NSI Staff_06
NSI Staff_07        

Cocktail Dinner

Cocktail Dinner_01   Cocktail Dinner_02   Cocktail Dinner_03
Cocktail Dinner_04   Cocktail Dinner_05   Cocktail Dinner_06
Cocktail Dinner_07   Cocktail Dinner_08   Cocktail Dinner_09
Cocktail Dinner_10   Cocktail Dinner_11   Cocktail Dinner_12
Cocktail Dinner_13   Cocktail Dinner_14   Cocktail Dinner_15
Cocktail Dinner_16   Cocktail Dinner_17   Cocktail Dinner_18
Cocktail Dinner_19   Cocktail Dinner_20   Cocktail Dinner_21


Others_01   Others_02   Others_03
Others_04   Others_05   Others_06
Others_07   Others_08   Others_09
Others_10   Others_11    
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