Curative Service Support Program

Curative Service Support Program (CSSP)

CSSP is the support program to the government's rural hospitals of Nepal, basically in human resources, essential medical equipment and to some extent in living status standardization of the clinical team at the hospital. The CSSP will be implementing in total 48 different level hospitals with in all provinces intending to improve curative services of the hospitals.
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CSSP Modality
Hub Hospital - 1 Description: 
A team of specialized clinician consisting of Gynecologist/MDGP (GP), Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgeon, Pediatrician, General Surgeon, Anesthesiologist along with MOs, paramedical staffs such as Anesthesia Assistant (AA), Staff Nurse (SN) and Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) are essential core clinical team to provide quality health services in different areas of medical services. The specialized clinicians will be deployed by government through MoHP scholarship program. NSI will provide performance-based bonus to specialist and supports to create enabling hospital environment.

To ensure multi-specialized health services by using Core clinicians from MoHP’s MD/MS Scholarship.
Primary and Secondary A Hospitals - 42  Description:
Core clinical members (Doctors, Nurses, Anesthesia Assistants, Paramedics and BMET) lead by MDGP will be supporting in the hospital as gap identified. The MDGP doctor will be deployed through NSI or by MoHP. Other clinical members like Medical Officer, Anesthesia Assistant, Staff Nurse and Paramedics will be supported by NSI under hospital management committee as per gap identified. This program will be implemented in Primary and Secondary A level hospitals.

The main objective of the program is to improve or initiate the lifesaving medical and surgical services lead by MDGP.
Local Level Upgraded Primary Hospitals - 5 Description:
According to Government strategy, it has planned to establish a health facility in each palika. Among the health facilities, NSI has planned to implement CSSP in 5 local level upgraded Primary hospitals. This program will be implemented in coordination with local government in local level upgraded primary hospitals.

The main objective of the program is to ensure basic essential health care services including 24 hours emergency services lead by Medical Officer.

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CSSP Program Coverage:
CSSP Program Map- English

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