Operation Theatre Technic and Management

Operation Theatre Technic and Management

The Operation Theatre Technique and Management course is designed for nurses. The course builds on each participant's past knowledge and tasks advantage of her high motivation to accomplish the learning tasks in the minimum time. Training emphasizes doing, not just knowing, and uses competency-based evaluation of performance.

The OTTM course is designed to help the nurses working in district hospitals to manage the surgical emergencies mainly obstetrics and other general emergencies. Training emphasizes on practical work, not just knowledge and uses competency-based evaluation of performance.

Course Description

This clinical training course is designed to prepare the participant to become proficient in operation theatre nursing skills. This includes, but is not limited to managing surgical complication, surgical assistant technique, instrumenting, gloving and equipment processing and care of client through all aspects of the procedure.

Course Goals

  • To teach participants to manage, assist and provide selected operation theatre nursing care in hospitals, working with a OT team to ensure safety and appropriate care during pre, intra and post-operative.
  • To provide participants with the decision-making skills needed to respond appropriately to obstetric, neonatal and other emergencies.
  • To ensure that participants protect and respect the right of patients to life, health, privacy and dignity throughout the operation theatre nursing care.

Course Duration

The course is composed of:

  • 12 classroom sessions for the first 6 days of total 42 days training duration
  • Second week: 4 - 6 days observation and hands on clinical practice under trainers' guidance/or close supervision
  • Third week onwards - perform procedure independently
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Participants of Operation Theatre Technic and Management Course