Training Follow-up Enhancement Program (FEP)

Training Follow-up Enhancement Program (FEP)

Extending the training process to the graduates’ workplace.

After training, what next?
What is the lasting effect of the training?
Can the training effect be extended by follow-up?

In conjunction with the National Health Training Center (NHTC) and utilizing trainers for its partners, NSI has instituted a program for field follow-up of all cadres of training. The Follow-up Enhancement Program (‘FEP’) includes a number of components:

  • Knowledge / Skills assessment
  • Enabling environment assessment
  • Coaching the graduates in their workplace

The FEP facilitates feedback to supervisors, trainers, NHTC, and the Health Ministry.

FEP aims to make follow-up an essential component to all NHTC/NSI trainings.  Reports of FEPs can be obtained by clicking on the link.

Biomedical Equipment Assistant Technician

BMEAT FEP#1 (2008)

Skilled Birth Attendant

SBA FEP#1 (2010)

Mid-Level Practicum

Bajhang FEP#1 (2011), Dolakha FEP#2 (2011)

Anesthesia Assistant

AA FEP#1 (2011-12)

FEP is assessment, feedback and on-site coaching.

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Followup Enhancement of SBA