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Dissemination of the Study on Surgery in Nepal's Remote Districts

30 Jan, 2018

A dissemination session was organized by NSI on 29th January 2018 on the topic “Surgery in Nepal’s remote districts” for the study of same title conducted by Government of Nepal and NSI. The study was led by Dr. Oliver (“Ollie”) Ross and conducted between July 2015-October 2016 in 39 district or district level hospitals in 25 remote districts of Nepal.

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In the study, surgical volume (major operations/100,000 and total operations/100,000 population), access (availability of CS, laparotomy, operative orthopaedics in district- the Bellwether procedures), Human resources for Surgery (density of specialists Surgeons, Anesthetists, Obstetricians vs the generalists), facility of surgery (proportion of essential components available), and characteristics of functional hospitals were measured in the 39 hospitals.

The event was attended by delegates from Ministry of Health and DoHS, PAHS, NAMS, Institute of Medicine, KAHS, NHRC, Nepal Nursing Council, Health Insurance Board, and various national NGOs and EDPs. During the event, a report was disseminated.

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