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A Lady with Ectopic Pregnancy

30 Dec, 2021 By: Manisha Nepali, Lalgadh Hospital, Dhanusa


In our journey, every event leaves a lesion for a life time. Every day we learn with our experience. As like, while I was posting in Maternity Hospital at Kathmandu during my Anesthesia Assistant Course. One day I had experienced an event. It was not that big incidence but it gave me a lesion for a lifetime.

Approximately 25 years female brought to operation theatre with the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and this was her first time (baby conceive) primi. As we all now in maternity hospital there we do have lots of case waiting for CS, some emergency and some elective. It was evening time and I did quick assessment of patient and premedicate. Then under supervision I gave spinal block to her. And we checked the block level and surgeon started surgery. After 30 min. patient complained extreme pain and we gave her analgesics. And surgeon said it's gone take long time then our doctor decided to give or convert to General Anesthesia. And first thing he asked me, have you checked this anesthesia machine and I was like "No" because we do it in morning shift but today is my evening shift. I was so afraid and has no confidence because I didn't do check. And then we quickly did and intubate the patient. The ventilation was not working so we gave positive pressure manually and after an hour surgery completed.

At that time what I realize was we should be honest for every work we do. We have to check and be prepare every single thing that comes under our role and responsibility it doesn't matter what your shift is, you have to do. We should never lie whether you have done mistake or good. And be prepare for unexpected event during pre-op period. Because your one single careless and mistake can harm the person you are dealing with. Because "Anesthesia can save the life and anesthesia can be fatal for life or can take the life if it goes wrong".

Manisha Nepali
Lalgadh Hospital, Dhanusa


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