The CSSP aims to assist government hospitals to increase the effectiveness of surgical and clinical services. This program has been implemented in 44 government hospitals and health facilities across the country. The government has categorized these 44 hospitals as Primary, Secondary A and Local Level Upgraded Primary hospitals (PHC and HP). NSI has grouped these 44 hospitals in 3 groups according to the services they provide and who they are led by. 


  • Provide quality healthcare services to rural people within their own communities.


Program Modality

  • CSSP Hub Hospitals (3) - Provide multi-specialized services led by consultants.
  • CSSP Primary and Secondary 'A' Hospitals (36) - Provide emergency surgical services led by MDGP doctor.
  • Local Level Upgraded Primary Hospitals (5) - Provide basic and emergency healthcare services led by Medical Officers.


CSSP Components