HSP Components

The program has been expanded in 127 government hospitals including 4 specialized service hospitals. The MoHP/DoHS at Federal level and MoSD/HD in provincial level took ownership for program development, implementation and reporting into government health system.

MSS Implementation

  • A total of 195 MSS assessments were conducted.
  • NSI directly conducted 44 assessments and provided partial support to the government to conduct the remaining 151 assessments. 


Hospital Grant Support

  • Provide grants of NPR. 400,000 to 30 local hospitals to meet the gaps as per MSS action plan.


Capacity Development Support

  • MSS orientation and review meeting with 30 participants from 9 MSS units.
  • MSS orientation to 100 fresh Medical Grduates in 3 batches. 
  • Technical and financial support to provincial annual hospital review in all seven provinces.
  • Tool development for Maternity, Children, Infectious Diseases and Mental health service hospital.
  • Continuously advocating for MSS data digitalization.