This serves as a great resource to share the new knowledge worldwide; the publication of scientific articles in local and foreign journals impacts the work of other shcolars/academicians.

2023-08-31 11:29:56

Novel on-site follow-up and enhancement program (FEP) improves knowledge, clinical skills and enabling environment of skilled birth attendants in Nepal

2023-03-09 13:59:48

Pathways to effective surgical coverage in a lower-middle-income country: A multiple methods study of the family physician-led generalist surgical team in rural Nepal

2022-07-22 00:29:59

Clinical Competency Retention after Mid-Level Practicum Training and It’s Associated Factors among Health Workers of Nepal

2022-07-22 00:31:00

Effect of deploying biomedical equipment technician on the functionality of medical equipment in the government hospitals of Nepal

2022-07-22 00:31:48

Maternity Waiting Home Interventions_Annals of Global Health

2022-08-01 23:32:52

Content of Antenatal Care and Perception about Service Provided

2022-08-01 23:52:15

Frontiers in public health_Medical Scholarships Linked to Mandatory Service The Nepal Experience

2022-08-01 23:59:58

The Quality of Skilled Birth Attendants in Nepal High Aspirations and Ground Realities

2022-08-02 00:00:56

An Experience of Video Based Training on Basic Life Support

2022-08-02 00:01:29

Tablet e-Logbooks Four Thousand Clinical Cases and Complications e-Logged by 14 Nondoctor Anesthesia Providers in Nepal

2022-08-02 00:02:01

A Distance Blended Learning Program to Upgrade the Clinical Competence of District Non-doctor Anesthesia Providers in Nepal

2022-08-02 00:02:37

Is the Job Satisfaction Survey a good tool to measure job satisfaction amongst health workers in Nepal - Results of a validation analysis

2022-08-02 00:03:20

A Staff Support Programme for Rural Hospitals in Nepal

2022-08-02 00:03:56

Validating a Tool to Measure Auxiliary Nurse Midwife and Nurse Motivation in Rural Nepal

2022-08-02 00:04:53

Electronic Diagnostic Algorithms to Assist Mid-level Healthcare Workers in Nepal - A mixed-method Exploratory Study

2022-08-02 00:07:27

Primary Care in a Rural Set Up in Nepal Perspectives of a Generalist

2022-08-02 00:07:57

Measuring Management Training Needs of Hospital Managers in Nepal

2022-08-02 00:08:37

Mobile Phone Support for Rural Health Workers in Nepal through Celemedicine

2022-08-02 00:09:29

Career choices and what influences Nepali medical students and young doctors a cross-sectional study

2022-08-02 00:10:06

Remote and Rural Do Mentors Enhance the Value of Distance Learning Continuing Medical Education

2022-08-02 00:10:34

Do Medical Schools that Admit the Academic Cream of the Crop Exacerbate Medical Brain Drain

2022-08-02 00:11:02

Needs Assessment for Continuing Medical Education amongst doctors working in Rural Nepal

2022-08-02 00:11:36

Task Shifting and Innovative Medical Education - Moving Outside the Box to Serve Rural Nepal

2022-08-02 00:12:06

Retention of general practitioners in rural Nepal A qualitative study

2022-08-02 00:12:40

Nepal’s General Practitioners - Factors in Their Location of Work

2023-10-03 10:01:46

Non-doctor Anaesthesia in Nepal: Developing an Essential Cadre

2022-08-02 00:13:11

Retention of General Practitioners in rural Nepal – a qualitative study